100% Mulberry silk pillow case
100% Mulberry silk pillow case
100% Mulberry silk pillow case
100% Mulberry silk pillow case

100% Mulberry silk pillow case

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Your beauty sleep works hard for you, and silk pillowcases can help maximize that. Our luxurious mulberry silk pillowcases protects your hair and skin while you sleep. It’s a new beauty- hyped product within reason: it does the job. 

  • Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and create friction between your hair strands and promotes facial creasing.
  • Silk contains natural proteins that prevent frizzing and splitting ends in your hair. It also reduces the loss of moisture, leaving your hair with its natural shine intact. 

This is a beauty trend worth following up on. Wake up looking more rested and you’ll have better day 2 and 3 hair, a win!

Silk product benefits

We spend one third of our lives asleep. We might as well get that time to work for us while we’re finally *not* working and get the most benefit of our body’s healing abilities. 

The science of silk: 

  • Silk does not irritate or rub against our skin or hair. This is good news for our skin and hair because the smooth nature of the fabric allows for a natural glide when we move in our sleep, reducing the development of wrinkles, sleep lines and tangles in hair.
  • Your night-time beauty routine is amplified because silk pillowcases keep products on your skin.
  • Naturally anti-ageing.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic. 

In our fast-paced world and busy lifestyles, rejuvenating is considered a luxury. Take back some of your time to revitalize fully and naturally with the simple added benefits of silk