Our Story


        At Beautify My Hair, we strongly believe all women deserve to feel beautifully empowered and confident. Your hair can be the catalyst to get there, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Our hair extensions are the level of superior quality and value you can feel great about using. The power your hair can have on your overall confidence is incredible. Unfortunately, we’re not all born with naturally luscious locks. That's why Beautify My Hair is here to help! Our mission is to give you the gorgeous hair you’ve always dreamed of, without breaking the bank.

For many of us, we want more volume and length to our hair, but don’t want to spend a fortune getting realistic looking results. At Beautify My Hair, we want you to have a high-quality hair extension option for a reasonable cost. Each extension we offer is made with premium, human hair to ensure the end result is natural but still completely transformative to your look.

Thanks to our commitment to thorough research, you don’t need to be concerned about where your extensions are coming from. While some brands use shady means to create their products, Beautify My Hair is ethically sourced every time. We take pride in how we develop our extensions, and we are consistently keeping up with quality control to guarantee our customers are only receiving the very best products every time the trust us with a purchase.

Time management is huge for us, That’s why the products we sell at Beautify My Hair are all designed to cut your styling time down by being super easy to install, while still giving you the stunning appearance as if you spent hours getting ready!

We have done the hard work to make certain we are only offering the absolute best hair extensions. You can feel confident shopping with us, knowing the decades of research and dedication we’ve put into these products comes from a place of personal connection. We offer the kind of products we want to use and are proud to share with you

We are thrilled you’ve chosen to explore our products and can’t wait to see how your inner beauty is enhanced, thanks to Beautify My Hair!

Beautify My Hair  Pty Ltd  ACN  667 243 263

Brighton, VIC 3186